Charming Qualicum Beach

Clearing in the early days was slow moving....


As far back as t​he 19​00's history books note the sense of community present in this quaint seaside village. This still remains today, the small town feel and  knowing your neighbors. Residents take part in a variety of non profit events, farmers markets, healers and artists find themselves drawn to this piece of BC Paradise.

Qualicum Train Station 1914-2014


Tourists have much to see, not only in Qualicum but also areas such as Coombs, Errington, Parksville, Fanny Bay and Union Bay. Boat tours, whale watching, cave climbing, skydiving, bike tours etc....

Qualicum Beach Inn


The​ name Qualicum means "where the dog salmon run" in pentlach language. Qualicum Beach was se​ttled by the Europeans​ in the late 1800s. The first land title was granted to Thomas Kinkade in 1882. Land development in Qualicum did not begin until the early 1900's. Visit the Qualicum Beach Museum for more information on the town's history.

Chesapeake Shores


Hollywood in Qualicum Beach. The drama series is filmed here in our little town of Qualicum.

Historic Residence


The Thrall home was built around 1915 it is a beautiful example of Craftsman style architecture. This historic building still remains today and is now the Chamber of Commerce office.

The Qualicum Beach Museum


There is much to learn about our beautiful town. The museum is a great way to spend an afternoon.